About Us

“Our mission is to promote the long term health, wellness, recovery, and quality of life for individuals with spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders by providing additional funds to facilitate opportunities that would not otherwise exist”

Chris Norton was injured in a football game on October 16, 2010 and was given a 3% chance of ever regaining any movement below his neck. However, with his faith and determination he has been regaining movement throughout his body and walked across the stage of his college graduation that has inspired millions across the world.

Chris attributes much of his success to God and the array of therapy options he has had access to since his injury in 2010. Having been injured in an NCAA athletic event many of Chris’s therapy costs – ranging from his $30,000 RT300 leg and arm bike, to his $15,000 bioness hand stimulator – have been covered by the associations high risk insurance. No matter how great his determination and work ethic are, Chris’s circumstances would be completely different if it wasn’t for the continued support of this extraordinary insurance policy.

Throughout his three month stay in Rochester’s Mayo Clinic and his three years of ongoing therapy, he has encountered many people who have suffered similar injuries without the luxury of adequate insurance policies. More often than not Chris has seen good people go without the necessary therapy equipment to achieve their recovery goals.

It was with this crisis in mind that Chris, his family, and his friends got together and decided to begin work on the SCI CAN Foundation. This organization has the simple goal of raising money in order to provide patients with various levels of neuromuscular deficiencies equipment that would benefit them in achieving their goals. For those who do not know what SCI CAN stands for, the SCI is spinal cord injury and CAN is ambiguous, so it means the word can as in to empower others that they CAN do whatever they put their heart to, and also it spells out the initials of Chris’s name (Christopher Anderson Norton).